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A Wireless Bluetooth Webcam For Mac? Beware!

Bluetooth Webcam For Mac? Nope.
Apple users have long craved a low cost wireless webcam solution. Awhile back, Logitech had a Wi-Fi wireless webcam for Mac with it's Broadcaster webcam. Support was eventually discontinued and existing cams only work on much older versions of MacOS. Their newest Mevo WiFi webcam for Mac is pretty cool. In the meantime, no Bluetooth webcams ever appeared on the market for good reason. Bluetooth is a slow, low bandwidth solution that is probably utterly incapable of streaming 3 or 6 let alone 30 to 60 Frames Per Second of high definition HD video. Which is basically why Bluetooth web cameras were never really a viable thing for anything other than audio, sharing a picture to a friends phone, or sending a few pages of text to a printer.

Well, in my online product research, I stumbled across a Mac compatible webcam with Bluetooth. A China knockoff UVC webcam with Bluetooth functionality, of sorts. That works on a Mac... But that's deceiving. This no-name cheap webcam with Bluetooth is really just a USB web camera with a built-in Bluetooth dongle that you could connect a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone to. A BT transmitter dongle for audio only - in a generic webcam shell.

Not A 'REAL' Bluetooth Mac Webcam

Bluetooth Earbud, Headset AUDIO Support Only!

What it doesn't do is transmit video over Bluetooth in any way shape or form. What it isn't is a real Bluetooth webcam for Mac or PC video conferencing. What it has is a switch you can slide between using the PC and Mac compatible webcam's internal microphone via USB or switched to the Bluetooth mode logo next to a Pairing button. So I guess you can try to tell your Apple AirPods to Pair with the Bluetooth signal in the webcam. But then all Mac's already have Bluetooth, so what's the point of a camera like this?!?

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